Styria digital marketplaces

Merging two brands into one

You will agree that there are many things that are good by themselves. And for some, combining them with others can lead to a much better combination. This was also the case with the merger of the companies behind the and brands, which have since been operating under the umbrella brand Styria digital marketplaces.

In the spirit of the event

How to communicate that two companies have merged under one name in an original and practical way? The challenge was even greater as the participants at the event where this was presented were from the media and advertising world. This simply meant that the client only had this opportunity to make a good first impression. The solution had to be creative, appealing and useful, while offering the possibility of a positive connection with businesses.

Cheers, new synergy!

We all know that celebratory events always include a banquet. The client used the latter in an original way when preparing a promotional gift to commemorate the merger of the two companies – with a gift that communicated the idea of the event in a symbolic way: ‘One spirit, unlimited ideas’ or a fortunate synergy of two brands.

The word game works in English (spirit can mean spirit or spirit drink), and was undoubtedly understood by all visitors to the Sempl media conference. The gift pack contained two bottles: a gin and a tonic, which together combine perfectly to make a fantastic gin tonic cocktail. The combination of the popular mixed drink was the right choice for the relaxed atmosphere at the event and for communicating the visibility of the change on the Slovenian market.

Customer response

“Our first goal was to bring together two successful companies under one roof. As a fusion is always about combining two separate components into a better blend, we’ve taken this concept and put it into one of the most well-known drink mixes – the gin tonic.”

Ana Maruša Grah, Marketing Manager


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