OTG West Europe

Combining the pleasant with the useful

Every year, the non-profit association OTG West Europe organises the OTG Success Summit, where 2,500 people from more than 40 countries come together for a very special three-day conference. As an institution that strives to be a force for good, OTG West Europe also sells selected products, with all proceeds going to carefully selected charities.

Charity as the crown of everything

The 2023 event in Marbella, Spain, was a great opportunity to present their then just-launched TR Focus Tea. It has a number of positive effects, as its formula increases a person’s energy and concentration levels. As every OTG conference is also held in the spirit of charity, the client wanted to offer (in addition to tea and other products) a quality mug of both utility and commemorative value.

The chosen product for fundraising

OTG West Europe is very committed to product quality and an excellent user experience for its customers and members. This committment is in everything they do. In this sense, the OTG Conference is only a continuation of these principles, as it also takes them into account in the range of products available at the Force For Good booth.

The customer clearly expressed a desire for a high quality and durable product, suitable for both hot and cold drinks. We offered them a quality mug, easy to carry and communicated in line with their design concept.

Customer response

“Communication throughout the whole process was seamless and we were treated very professionally from the very first moment. It is immediately apparent that you are valued as a customer. It was certainly the experience we could have wished for and they understood our needs from the first contact. The quality of their gift exceeded our expectations. We have built a good relationship and will probably continue to work together in the future.”

Vanessa Pérez, Project Manager


satisfied conference participants


which was the first to go at auction


above expectations