A company that lives and breathes differently from others

Datapan is a company that has been on the market for almost two decades, offering complete solutions, innovative services and intelligent products in various fields. Today, they are involved in the automation of HVAC systems in various installations, mainly in the nautical sector. In addition to investing in all of the above, they also invest heavily in their employees, their training, personal growth and satisfaction.

Living and acting with a desire to do better

They are building on their efforts for a better future by getting involved in a number of European nature conservation projects as an active promoter of green or blue technology The promotion campaign was aimed to remind their employees and business partners of the importance of preserving the environment by choosing a nice and appropriate gift (as an everyday item). One of its clearest indicators is, among other things, clean and safe water.

Small actions for big change

As a company primarily active in the nautical sector, the story of water is very close to their hearts. Both the bottles and the promotional gift represent one aspect of the company’s commitment to the global goal of preserving the environment and individual well-being. In addition to generally making working conditions as comfortable as possible, this gift helps to make the company’s atmosphere better and healthier every day.

Among our wide and varied range of bottles, they chose a rather simple version, which we have branded with their logo and the slogan “Breathe the difference”. This was to send the message that the little things in life count and that Datapan is a company that demonstrates its commitment to a healthy lifestyle through its actions. By focusing on what we can do for ourselves, we show the people around us that we really care.

Customer response

“We wanted to send the message that we need to show our commitment to a healthy lifestyle through our actions and that the little things make up a whole day in our lives. The bottles we have acquired may not change the world, but they are a small step. They will show our employees that we care about them. When we give them to our business partners, they will help us create an image of a responsible company.”

Vladimir Jankijević, Marketing Consultant


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