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We offer more than just corporate gifts

Developing own brands

- Sustainability orientation
- Differentiation from others
- Friendliness to the environment
- Attractiveness to buyers


What can you count on with us?

Deepening cooperation

We all know it can be challenging to find a gift, even for someone you know well. In the business world, this can be even more challenging, which is why we are here to support you throughout the entire process with advice, suggestions, customization, and delivery.

Years of experience

We are involved at every level of every project, so we have a broad overview of the entire implementation process. Our rich experience allows us to successfully carry out the project to overall satisfaction through open communication with you.

Integrated solutions

We offer turnkey solutions that are tailored specifically for your business or brand. In this way, we develop a comprehensive promotion concept for you that effectively communicates your brand and its business story.

We always take a holistic approach to every project

We always strive to find products for you that are tailored to your brand and that fit the occasion for which they are given and the target audience they are intended for.

First contact

Of course, we need to get to know each other first, whether over coffee, a phone call or an email. We need to understand your wishes and expectations so we can offer you what you need.

Generating ideas

At this point, we start thinking in more depth about how to conceptualise the proposals for you. They need to fit your brand, the purpose, the occasion and, of course, the people who will receive the gift in the first place.

Presentation of proposals

We always prepare several proposals for you which we consider to satisfy all of the above. This way, you can make decisions more easily within the range of ideas or provide us with feedback or preferences regarding it.

Development and finishing

Every promotional or corporate gift must be branded, as this is the only way to ensure it serves its purpose. Various products come with different customization options, which you can choose from, and we will then take care of them.

Delivery and support

Once everything is in place, we work with our proven logistics partners to deliver the products to you. This is not the end of our story, as we always hope for a successful continuation.