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Join the corporate giving for a greener tomorrow

Giving a promotional gift means making a commitment. As a socially responsible company, we offer a range of products that encourage and motivate you to consider social and environmental needs.

You too can choose to promote responsibly, with a positive and powerful message, and become an inspiration to others.

Going green

Using sustainable materials and production processes, thoughtfully designed gifts link your reputation to sustainable values.


We work with suppliers who adhere to strict ethical standards, fair labour practices and responsible sourcing of materials.


A wide range of innovative, stylish and environmentally friendly eco-design products that do not compromise on aesthetics at the expense of sustainability.

Building confidence in sustainability claims


Aware™ is a modern solution, publishing data to monitor and validate the impact of sustainable textiles from source to consumer, helping to reduce our collective impact on the environment.

Supplier chain

An Aware™ tracker is a physical marker embedded in any type of raw material at its source. The scanner can be used to check the authenticity of sustainable materials anywhere, anytime.


Everyone involved in Aware™ can measure and manage their environmental impact through direct and transparent links to all levels of their supplier network.


Now you can make purchasing choices that are in line with your values and only use products that are proven to be made according to sustainable principles.

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