Developing own brands


With years of experience come new ideas and challenges

The Axis mundi brand has produced many creative ideas and projects over the years. We have also started to develop these as individual brands, which we market under our own names.

Some of them we have developed ourselves and are copyrighted, others we market as agents. In particular, eco-friendly gifts and products from the Ekoman, Sprout and Eko vrečka brands, as well as a wide range of gifts from the GiftUp website. Web links to them are below.


We develop customised products/services that reflect your unique brand identity and are in line with global trends.


Take advantage of the growing awareness for environmentally friendly products and improve your market position with our sustainable gift lines.


The materials used implement innovative and environmentally friendly concepts and ensure that your gifts reduce the impact on our planet.

Your story

Communicate your brand's sustainability stories with gifts that demonstrate eco-consciousness and build a deeper connection with your customers.

Special brands that leave a lasting impression!


At Ekoman, we make sure that our offer is carefully selected from high-quality recycled, organic or otherwise environmentally friendly materials. These best convey the brands' messages of sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Sprout pencils are patented pencils of the highest quality with a unique feature: once they're too short to write with, you can plant them! It contains a seed capsule that can grow into a flower, a fragrant herb or a fresh vegetable - depending on what you choose.

Eko vrečka

Eko vrečka is our own brand of eco-friendly bags that you can use as an example to others. By using a cotton or other eco-bag, you show that you care about our environment as a user. Forget plastic, use an eco-bag!


GiftUp is a brand we created to enter foreign markets. We wanted to offer our know-how and quality gifts to foreign partners and today we are successfully operating throughout Europe. The range includes sustainable products as well as innovatively designed products for all occasions.

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