Promotion that grows into something more

Just think: a pencil that becomes a plant! Who would have thought, right? This unique characteristic makes them a great cue for many social topics and conversations. Pencils that bloom are a simple and fun product that always evokes positive connotations related to your brand. You can hand them out in the office, at meetings, trade fairs, events and conferences, or give them away as your own business cards.

Svinčnik Sprout

When you write the last word, a new story begins

Unfortunately, there are too many products today that have only a “one-off” use value and are quickly discarded. Even if some of them could be used several times. So, in the spirit of modernity, many companies and customers are looking for more sustainable ways of doing business, where even the little things count. Sprout pencils that can be planted and are plastic-free offer a fresher and greener alternative. They ensure a strong and positive impact for your brand and a minimal environmental footprint.

A lasting and natural memory of your company

It’s quite simple: when the pencil gets too short to write with, stick it in the ground. It will grow fresh spices, beautiful ornamental flowers or vegetables, depending on what you choose when you buy your pencil. This way, you can present your company as a sustainable brand to the pencil recipients and motivate them to start thinking and acting sustainably themselves.

Sprout pencils are completely non-toxic and sustainably sourced and produced. They are made from 100% renewable sources: from biodegradable capsules, 100% natural clay and graphite to PEFC/FSC-certified wood. The full range of seeds available has been chosen because they are easy to plant and quick to germinate. There are several different seeds around which you can build your promotional communication.


Our comment

“This award-winning product can be tailored to your market needs. Our pencils promote a simple idea – if you can grow a plant from the remains of a pencil, just think what else is possible if we think more sustainably. We don’t expect the pencil to change the world, but we do believe it can inspire companies to adopt more sustainable and circular business practices.”

Axis mundi team