SIJ – Slovenian Steel Industry

Gift for business partners and management

SIJ (Slovenian Steel Industry) wanted to present its business partners with a top quality product made from its own material, steel. In this way, they aimed to bring their basic raw material closer to their business colleagues as well as to the employees of their own and subsidiary companies through a promotional gift.

Leading in their field

The SIJ Group – Slovenian Steel Industry is one of the leading producers of stainless and special steels in Europe. So the question was, how to use steel as a material to create a completely everyday gift? One that was used by the company’s business partners and management, accompanied by a printed call for strategic thinking for the future.

SIJ is committed to global and European climate goals and operates according to the principles of the circular economy. With their steels and products, they are a partner for Europe’s green transition and their corporate strategy is clearly defined.

More than a strategic promotional move

“Thinking strategically” was the basic motto and slogan that led to the final idea of preparing and designing a steel chess set as a promotional gift. The development of this strategy game involved not only our subcontractors, but also SIJ Group subsidiaries, which together came up with the final product.

The figures are designed by SIJ Group employees and made from their steel. SIJ Acroni came up with the colours of the figures using a special etching technique, which gave the figures and the playing board the appropriate colour shade. The compact gift box was carefully prepared, as were the other details of the design.

Customer response

“The SIJ Group pays great attention to the quality and originality of gifts for its employees and business partners. Each recipient received a truly unique gift that was thoughtfully made and in line with the vision of the SIJ Group, which strives for the highest quality in the manufacture of its products for its valued customers. The project took more than half a year to complete and in the end produced an amazing gift.”

Alenka Bizilj Kavrečič, Digital Marketing Specialist


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